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33 years old
Denton, Texas
United States
5' 8"
0 lb
Here for
Body Type
About Me
Hey whats ups? i'm just your avg guy here living in Denton, Tx. I just recently moved back after being away for a while, and I enjoy being back. i'm a student at UNT and i also work part time. i like to keep myself busy, tho i know when to stop and have a good time. im pretty laid back, low key, and kinda kinda shy at first, but i warm up pretty quick. i'm 26yrs old, 5'8 medium to stocky build, with brown hair and eyes...check out my profile pics! anything else u wanna know feel free to ask! looking to make some new friends while im here, and even open to a little fun. hit me up!


Jackin Off Survey
How many times a day do you jack off? once usually
Do you use your right or left hand?right
Ever do it with any friends?i have before
Ever jack another dude off?yep
Ever tasted your cum?yep
Do you have wet dreams ever?nope
How big is your cock?7in.
Are you cut or uncut?cut
Does your cum shoot our or ooze?mostly ooze, but sometimes shoot
Wheres the weirdest place you ever jacked at?in the car during lunch break? i dunno
Ever jacked off outdoors? Where at?yeah, at the lake
Ever jacked at school?probably
How old were u the first time u cummed?cant remember
How did you learn how to jack off? watching porn
Do you get lots of precum when u are jackin off?yep
Ever use anything for lube to jack with? sometimes
If you use lube what do you use?swiss navy
Are you bi , gay , or str8?gay
Ever been caught jackin off? If yes by who?nope
Ever made a video of you jackin off?nope
Ever jacked off on a webcam for someone?probably
Do you like a friend jack off an cum?uh...sure?
What do you usualy jack off to?porn...xtube
Ever think about any of your friends when u jack off?sometimes
Is your cum thick or thin?thick
Do you shoot your cum on ur stomach or into something?stomach
Ever tried to suck your own cock? Can you?nope, dont think so
Where do you jack off at most?in my bed
Who would you want to see jack off the most?hot guys


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