Fucked By The Cable Guy
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4 years ago
dam fuckin so hard they moved the couch lol
5 years ago
changle 69...all the time babY!!!!
5 years ago
u go boy,get the foot long
5 years ago
What can I say to get the ball rolling?....I think my cock is going to explode! LMFAO real subtle my friend.
6 years ago
Best kinda fuckng- big, studly and masterful and bloody energetic..I so luv a manly hunk being seduced up a willing mancunt!!
7 years ago
I really need *cable*
7 years ago
Bad porn .....who wrote this crap? This could have been a HOT STORY!!! Oh wait, it was the 80's wasnt it......lol
7 years ago
hmm thats the way i give it too a bttm while having sex
7 years ago
that was a hard fuck! DAMN!
8 years ago
I want that cableman's number.
8 years ago
damn my cable is out, i got to call my Cable Man hehe.
8 years ago
If I get fucked like that I hope it is not a dream. Great post Jerry
8 years ago
Finally a video showing condom usage.. Well done
8 years ago

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Stud gets fucked by the cable guy...or was it just a dream? Corey White and Bryce Stevens
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