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6 years ago
It's obvious they really know each other. Gay, straight, whatEVER, they knew each other, they pushed all of the right buttons FOR each other. It was a real nice ride. It's one of my facorites^_^
7 years ago
Very hot good looking MEN...
7 years ago
One of the best fucking videos. Two good looking guys, nice bodies.
7 years ago
who was watching them?
7 years ago
I'd like to be the third one.
8 years ago
I Luv Jake Taylor, his eyes make me melt and the rest of him is just delicious too! If he ever needs a new roommate..... Hot video, thanks for posting this clip.
8 years ago
Both they're nice gays, but not str8.
8 years ago
They posed the girl's posta to pretend they are straight?
8 years ago
Love the top. Hot body and what a cum shot.

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2 straight guys decide they need something a little different. Jake Taylor and Paul Carrington
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