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3 years ago
the music is a total turn off.. but hot vid.
6 years ago
I don't think they're lovers. I think they're both gay, but they did this for pay. Not one kiss. Hot fucking, no doubt, and two orgasms. Hard to say two orgasms is going through the motions, but I just had that feeling.
6 years ago
Sexy twins!!
7 years ago
feet are amazing!
7 years ago
I need a TWIN!!!!
7 years ago
fucking hot!!! kinda disturbing to me that i think that two brothers fucking are hot, but u know, pretty sick world after all! oh yeah, and feet are gross.
8 years ago
9 years ago
i agree rob and that teddy bear behind them while fucking was a nice touch too.
9 years ago
thanks skoty
9 years ago
cute boys fut feet no way
9 years ago
foot bone connected to leg bone, leg bone connected to thigh bone, etc
9 years ago
aw what sweet music, and such a nice sacred picture above the bed hehehe but overall hot to see twins going at it :) how lucky are they not having to look for sex :)
9 years ago
feet are nasty!

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