Blonde TWIN Twinks BBing
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5 years ago
so hot reminds me and my brother
6 years ago
did i see a wart:?
6 years ago
Are these guys really twins??
6 years ago
i think they might not be twins but they are related... look at ther bone structure . and eye brow structure.. they are related some how
7 years ago
mmmmmmmmmm not twins see them before but hot
7 years ago
well I think they actually do look alike...anyway even if they aren't twins...they are hot...
8 years ago
Had they only been real brothers! but all in all it was hot! I liked how they found guys close enough to call twins! But even if they were fraternal twins they don't have enought facial features to be syblings at all :-( sorry i don't mean to be a kill joy
8 years ago
Fantastic! Awesome! Great cocks! Trimmed pubes! Man do I wish I had had a twin to play with !!!!
8 years ago
well i have a twin he says he is str8 but i think he would swing both ways
8 years ago
I have always wished I had a twin to see what may happen..... Plus I want to know if twins are are the same in bed... lol
9 years ago
Very Nice
9 years ago
Hey, they must have saved a lot of money on dates when they were growing up! Wish I had a twin brother like that.

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Jan 18
HOT Blonde TWINS Get it ON BB Style !
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