Small penis humiliation!
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6 years ago
Why the fuck did I click on this? I want the last minute of my life back DAMMIT!!! lol
6 years ago
Yummmmm ,You are so much like me! I love your outfit.I,d love to make a video of us together and let everyone humiliate us for being such pathetic fags!
7 years ago
A padded cell is empty somewhere.......
9 years ago
LMAO!!! I wish I would of walked up on this!!!Bet it was even better in person!!!U know the humiliation isn't the size of his's what he's wearing!!!LOL!!!
9 years ago
Lee, I have told you over and over...when it is erect your penis is average, or close enough, Dude! Be happy with that and stop making such a big deal about how small it and your balls are a big, juicy man. Embrace life!
9 years ago
well that was just creepy
9 years ago
This guy is such a loser!!!

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Jan 16
Lee Przybylowicz whips his ass and balls!
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