Young & Hung
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8 years ago
Yeah, it was ok. The ending was bizarre! But I agree with everybody. HUNG??? My little brother is hung better and he's only 14.
9 years ago
I dont get it... lol.. the guys eyebrow and the glasses..yeah... not a turn on... oh yeah.. where are they
9 years ago
how funny!!! what was with those glasses and his fuckin eyebrows!! ROFLMAO!!
9 years ago
WTF us up with the eyebrows LOL
9 years ago
cute boys but no hung cocks,a good laugh is a must no matter what ur doing or watching for that matter,l,m,a,o
9 years ago
A fairly ordinary movie with cute boys until he puts on the unexpected was THAT! Yeah---pretty funny!
9 years ago

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Not sure where the "hung" part comes in but, some hot action. The ending is hysterical
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