Sexy Billy Brandt Gets Fucked
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4 years ago
Jeremy Jordan is so fucking cute! I love how his cock stays hard when ever his getting fucked!
5 years ago
It's like a woman that keeps seeing the same mouse, over and over again.
8 years ago
That's not Billy Brandt getting fucked It's Jeremy Jordan....
8 years ago
Billy Brandt is your archetypal twink top..seing him screwed is a fab treat. He's such a sexual dynamo you have to expect him to grunt scream and moan like hell with a big cock ramming him.The noisier, the better so far as I'm turn on that boy- gorgeous AND sexually wild but skilled!
9 years ago
are you all kidding? it's fucking hot as HELL when billy screams!
9 years ago
Billy I hope you have learned to take it more manly than this time. You are a great bottom to Fuck, but please no more crying. You a great top man though.
9 years ago
LMAO what a fuckin screamer!
9 years ago
billy brandt....he is known for screeming like a girl everytime he gets rimmed...dont think he bottomed alot though...on screen i mean...this is the first time i have seen one point you could see the other guy holding back laughter
9 years ago
who was the big girlie screaming??
9 years ago
nice good fuck , both guys are hot

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Billy Brandt gets his hot bubble butt fucked. Sadly the scene was never finished
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