Str8 boy gets sucked by friend
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7 years ago
great video... was this the whole thing or was there more footage?
7 years ago
that was hot nice huge facial he got , wish i could get a facial like that .
7 years ago
all that cum wasted ! could have been in my moutth
7 years ago
What makes you think that the top guy is straight?
8 years ago
hott shit :)
9 years ago
sure does look like steve-o and boi that str8 boi is hawt and fine as hell
9 years ago
hey thats was so hot that i cummed too but doesnt the guy laying down with the face cumm look like stevo from the show jack ass?
9 years ago
HOT, would love to take the straight boys load.
9 years ago
they sexi ass shit
9 years ago
mmm damn them white boyz r fuckin hot!!!
9 years ago
the guy on top with the tattoos is really my type and is very hot, could be a little more aggressive. but i like it! streetboyzinc rate this as a 4 star because of the attractive guys!
9 years ago
that was hottt

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Dec 6
str8 guy gets sucked off by friend huge hot cum shot
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