Trent eats his own juice!
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7 years ago
What wouldn't I do to him!
7 years ago
Are there other vids with him?
7 years ago
i'd love to let him cum all over my face anytime he wants to .
7 years ago
I wouldn't mind fuckin' his face and covering him with hot cum!!!
8 years ago
8 years ago
Hmmm damn I'd love to force feed that hottie!
1 decade ago
great shot..should have been fucked while cummin
1 decade ago
love vids like this...guys eating their own load is HOTT!

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Mar 2
UNBELIEVABLY HOT Trent is sore because his nuts are so full of cum. Gorgeous smile, hot body, and delicious cock! He's a grower for sure, and works it up to an awesome ending! Thanks to for this SPECTACULAR trailer!
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