Best Cum Shot Collection HOT!!!
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1 year ago
5 years ago
the best was at 6:48
6 years ago
can anybody tell me the name of the black haired sucker in the third scene?? please send me a message on my profile if you can!
7 years ago
how i wish i could be fucked by these big cocks
7 years ago
i love this video lots hottie guys and lots of cum and i wish in this video i love to get some fuck and jerking off too
7 years ago
why cann't i see the pic,but can open and hear the voice,it is so boring,fuck!
7 years ago
7 years ago
God, I love dick.
7 years ago
Fucking good video. It made me cum as well.
7 years ago
i would love to lick that up
8 years ago
...i am reeeaaaalllly thirsty
8 years ago
8 years ago
NICE! keep them cummimg Alan. Do more! ya ya!!
8 years ago
actually about 35 cum shots in the vid. The absolute hottest cum shot was the dude shootin his load between the guys legs and it kept squirting. The window cum guys dick looked pretty big :)
8 years ago
i like u allan smith
8 years ago
nice bud love to see the cum fly also mmmmm
9 years ago
best video ever!
9 years ago
hot video man mmmm
9 years ago
best vid on this whole fuckin site. bravo lad, bravo
1 decade ago
Guess what I am doing while watching this? Yes, jerking off slowely.

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Aug 5
About 50 guys shoot there loads in this hot cum filled video you don't want to miss!!!!
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