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6 years ago
The bottom at 5:08....I wish I knew who he was, I want to see some of his other stuff, he has got quite a MOAN on him. I love it!
7 years ago
The shot at 6:46 is amazing. I'd love to have him shoot inside me; I'd really feel that load hitting my prostate.
7 years ago
that was great when I first made a guy cum I was shocked that I was able to do that then when I was done with him I asked him what am I to do and the guy told me the best thing is to swallow it. Told him to do it again and I would swallow it and it was great now I know why I love cum now lol
7 years ago
The first video that got me jerking off to gay porn. Two important scenes.. at 5:08 I realized I was a bottom and wanted to get fucked.. and at .48 was the first cock i saw, the guy giving head..his cock.. i felt bad that that awsome cock wasn't getting sucked.. that i wanted to suck.. years later after watching thing this video i realized how much i loved cum.
7 years ago
damn was that guys cock waging at 00:48 o.o' woah i wish mine could do that could do that when im overly happy ;)

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Jul 21
Dozens of guys pulling jerking and getting sucked until they explode. Non stop action cum blasting
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