Drunk frat boy putting things on and in his ass...
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4 years ago
he can take it in the ass
6 years ago
sometimes i wonder if the reason some guys turn gay is because were just a smarter breed of men, never seen a gay do that
8 years ago
LMFAO, Not quite as graphic as Johnny Knoxville Jack Ass show, but it was still funny as Hell.
8 years ago
You wonder why guys would do this type things. There use to be a little TV show and two movies that might answer that question JACK ASS seems like I saw all those crazy stunts on there. The only think is these guys didn't listen when they said don't try these things at home
8 years ago
now you know how to fuck one of them give them drinks and act dumb as them HAHAHHAH
8 years ago
8 years ago
Would you guess that they were that fucking stupid before they started drinking?
8 years ago

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