Vintage Cum Suckers
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6 years ago
Those were pretty much worthless. They wasted more than they swallowed.
7 years ago
yeah, now we're talkin' real porn...this is the bulk of my porn collection, when men were really men and had real sex with other men
8 years ago
Hot old videos and verry good real sex !!..great!;)
8 years ago
Joe Gages videos are always hot, I love his work.
9 years ago
wish there were younger cum shots.even in black and white
9 years ago
very hot :-)
1 decade ago
vintage? huh. except for the bearded dad it looks like the collection of dudes who have sampled my loads since 07 began
1 decade ago
Very nice
1 decade ago
hot cumshots
1 decade ago
Love these old cumshots on the face and in the mouth. Wish there were more of them.
1 decade ago
Just luv the vintage suck& cum videos,They don't make em like that any more.

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