Ton and Klark
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8 years ago
wow like them both . hot nice and not sad both look like were in sex heaven and having fun and loving each other mmm hot.
8 years ago
yeah prague is great for twinky sex. seems like there is a part 2 to this video at the end.
8 years ago
Good point Gizmo, I don't think they're being used, they're old enough to make they're own choices, they just look younger. About Prague - It's definitely a place worth visiting, I've been there when I was 15, would love to go there again.
8 years ago
That settles it....I've got to visit Prague soon. And out of curiosity GSTWL, at their age how many loads did you pump down the shower drain and didn't get paid for them at all? Ya, they got paid, but it looks like they enjoyed it too... I see no sadness here.
8 years ago
Cute boyz.. very hot!.. Thanks for posting Ron.. Hope you'll post more!
8 years ago
They're still chickens, but cum for money. Just a bit of saddness.

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Nov 28
Two handsome boys meet up in Prague, then start the action in an apartment. Lots of sucking, fucking.
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