Barrett Long Fucks Kurt Wild [Part 2]
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4 years ago
Fucking hot!
5 years ago
That was the best porn scene I;ve seen ever!! They should get a gay porn award for it!! Now to get Kurt DP'd off Barrett Long & Chad Hunt!! Maybe evn Michael Brandon somewhere too!! :-)
5 years ago
6 years ago
its a miracle barrett could find a condom that would fit on that thing and amazing that kurt survived kurt is a hero --- and i enjoyed the way they talked to each other.
8 years ago
this guy says he's straight, he said that on howard stern
8 years ago
lol he literally shoots!
8 years ago video...both know how to fuck:-)
8 years ago
great fuck, Kurt is one hot bottom
8 years ago
Barrett's dick and package are surely huge without words, but as a best top actor, he needs to keep training to make his dick more harder, I think.
8 years ago
Damn, I love Barrett Long and those HUGE dangling balls of his- HOT!

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Nov 28
Barrett just got done at the gym and is changing in the locker room when Kurt notices his huge package. After a little small talk Barrett gets Kurt to open up... and do we mean open up! Kurt gives his all and has such a great time that he cums twice. See how little Kurt accommodates Big Barrett and enjoys every second. Barrett and Kurt have great chemistry and a great time.
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