Cum on my face
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7 years ago
i wanna suck on that!
8 years ago
FKN HOT ...Thanks
8 years ago
totally hot corey! you are gorgeous & have such a beautiful cock! watching you cum on your face was awesome! thanks! *lick*
8 years ago
i had to jack off watching this...fuckin hot bro!
8 years ago
that was pretty hot!
8 years ago
8 years ago
really hot!!!
8 years ago
8 years ago
Wow! Well, I am a butt-lover so the shot of your hot, juicy tush is what caught my eye on the video page. You fingering that awesome butt was great, thanks. Such a sexy man! Muah!
8 years ago
It was hot dude!!
8 years ago
hot damn that was nice would sure love you to share some with me
8 years ago
fuckin hot!!!

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Jul 19
I was really horny 1 night and decided to jerk off. Well I ended up on the floor cummin in my own face. it even squirts in my eye ;)
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