Chad Douglas
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2 years ago
i was very sad when i found out about his passing
3 years ago
good fuck
5 years ago
This is one of my favorites. I had sex with a guy I'd wanted for a long time during it. He wasn't as big as Chad, but just as HOT!
6 years ago
6 years ago
I like.
7 years ago
Thanks Charles, I have'nt seen Chad in years, Hot man.
7 years ago
chad will you fuck me
7 years ago
To answer Christopher, Chad IS a GREAT fuck! I mean you can have an average cock and be fantastic or you can have an above average cock and be so-so. The key is "To know how us it", and Chad does , my stretched hole is proof!
7 years ago
that guy is a monster ouch!
7 years ago
chad can slap me with that huge cock anyday
7 years ago
I'd love him to ware out my ass!
7 years ago
wow love vintage vids
7 years ago
the videos here stop every 5 seconds. WHY???????
7 years ago
very hot the old video
7 years ago
Ya, Chad knows how to satisfy a bottom.

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Jun 18
Chad Douglas shows what it means to Take it like a man
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