my roadside jo
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5 years ago
I would take care of you anytime you needed it
6 years ago
pretty hot dude.. keep up the good work
6 years ago
that was hot!!
7 years ago
jacking off in public area makes me always very horny, so I need only about 10 seconds to cum
9 years ago
Very Nice !!! I love doing this I always cum harder if I know im in danger of being caught
9 years ago
Very Hot Vid. Thanks!
9 years ago
Thats SOOO against the law that it wasnt even hot
9 years ago
HOT vid man!
9 years ago
very nice...
9 years ago
9 years ago
Hot dude
9 years ago
Fucking super hot man. I drive an 18-wheeler and would love to give you head right there on the road side man. I'd even fuck your hot ass or let you fuck mine! Shit yeah it more!
9 years ago
You have more balls than I do, to jerk off in public like that! Great video, dude!
9 years ago
WOWWWW HOT video! Wish I was you.

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Nov 29
jerking off and shooting my load at a freeway rest area right next to busy traffic
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