Chad Douglas
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2 years ago
so hot!
3 years ago
4 years ago
Chad Douglas has *long* been a favorite of mine...Big moustache plus beyond big dick equals unsurpassed!!
5 years ago
ddaammnn i want chad to do me sooo bad
5 years ago
Danm chad is hot!
6 years ago
this is a classic and chad at his best.
7 years ago
kevin always got rode by the best
7 years ago
he is awesome, I want to be fuck by him...
7 years ago
i think im in love
7 years ago
I would like to be fucked like that twink!
7 years ago
fucking hot mmm
7 years ago
where can i find my own chad??
7 years ago
on one of the porn videos that i have, they were advertising a clip of another porn and chad douglas was on it, and i didn't even know who he was until recently. i'll have to look at that tape and find out the name for this video. it looks like it could be the same one.
8 years ago
what a man what a man what a mighty good man. I would ride him all day and all night.
8 years ago
Chad does know the meaning of sex.
8 years ago
The scene is from William Higgins' movie "Big guns" (1986). Can be downloaded off the net, or bought online.
8 years ago
would you do that to me sugar ????????? mmmmmmmmmmm
8 years ago
thats a cock to pay for.
8 years ago
Chad Douglas is hot. Please send me links with clips of this incredible top. ;-)
8 years ago
he is the shit, does anyone know anything that he has done??? i think that i read somewhere that he died....say it isn't so!!

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Jun 16
Chad Douglas, one of the HOTTEST tops in the industry
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