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3 years ago
Man I don't know about this Ralph's dick but would love to fuck him. He does give a good head, way better than others with big dicks>
4 years ago
I want that giant cock in me!
7 years ago
2 przystojnych chlopakow :))
7 years ago
Hey Daniel, awesome video man! Wish I was that bottom! Whew! Thanks for posting man!
7 years ago
Finally a hung hottie who knows what to do with his big dick, the bottom knows what to do with it too... Hot clip...
8 years ago
tres chaud, daniel. they are a little twinky for me but one can't deny the gift of that cock. thanks for posting.
8 years ago
Oh yes, give that cock to me, I need it real bad!!!
8 years ago
That bottom is so lucky to get that hot cock in him.† Wow!!!
8 years ago
damn i want that cock...
8 years ago
hot love verbal tired of silent gay movies
8 years ago
the top is Ralph... a Canadian who is friends with Pierre Fitch.... very hot

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Ralph i Duncan
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