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3 months ago
god!!no cum
2 years ago
Very hot.  That is a talented bottom.  :)  I also like that there seems to be a party going on the background which implies getting caught which makes it that much hotter.
3 years ago
Hot damn hot, the man in the hat is the boy to invite to a party!! atm HOT
4 years ago
can i be next but have one more just as big fucking my throat
5 years ago
all three of them live in Pheonix, AZ. I have seen the Uncut guy and the bottom around. Not together, the bottom used to be on Adam4adam
5 years ago
Did the police arrive on the scene to get in on the action? LOL- I heard sirens, followed by what sounded like a knock on the door.
6 years ago
i wanna c dick on cam right now add me on msn and show me ur cock
6 years ago
the top with the grey tee lives here in pheonix. my friend is roommates with him.
6 years ago
anyone know who the uncut boy is?
7 years ago
That cute top has many grasses around his huge bird, very sexy.
7 years ago
this should get an award.
7 years ago
Though the white young boy's ball is small, his dick and pudes are my favorite. I also expect to be double fucked, but I'm not sure that I can bear it.
7 years ago
i don't know if i am grossed out or turned on...he actually takes the guys' dicks in his mouth after they have been up his ass! Do you think he douched before doing the shoot?
7 years ago
Great Video! Loved the fuck action, double penetration!! All three were hot together and the cock with the great hairy bush - yeah!
7 years ago
that shit was fuckin tight yo ;-)
7 years ago
fuckin hottttt
7 years ago
That was hot as hell. so was that uncut cock damn.......
7 years ago
dam ohboi's uncut and got a bush! thats wat im talkin bout' lol
7 years ago
Wow, that looks great, 2 big Dicks in 1 ass!
7 years ago
Damn..That was some good fuck'n.. would love to play with that bottom boy!.. WOOF!.. Thanks for posting, Guillermo..

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May 9
3way hole filled with 2 big cocks
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