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3 years ago
yeah tear that bitch hole
3 years ago
Anyone in San Francisco wanna do this?
6 years ago
well hey, you guys search up FISTING and this is what you get.. why you complaining its your fault for watching it.. but then again this guy is dominant big time.. I dont know if the guy being is faking it or really hurting.. but oh well his ass is gonna be hurting in the morning LOL
7 years ago
Damn HOT! wooFF
7 years ago
the top is too dominant but i like his verbality very much... (if it comes to me being fisted, then i am the dominant one and say that the top shluld do...) anyway the top is doing his thing very nicely, i would not mind if he could try me some day, but i wouldn't mind it either to try your hot hole one day...
7 years ago
is he texting??
8 years ago
Hot love how u take control
8 years ago
ill be your baby x
8 years ago
I'd definitely give it a go!!
8 years ago
this is amazing id love u to try this on me sometime xx
8 years ago
LOL ok so two of you don't have the balls to post a pic and the one who does is anything but a stud let alone hot and this video has had over 1200 views and favored 20 times so I don't think many people care what you all think.
8 years ago
Hummmm. Seems like Billy is deleting any comment he does not agree with. Censorship? Like I said earlier, I find this video degrading and I am beginning to think that Billy is a sick puppy. And, BTW Billy, forget the explanatory email I sent you about my comment. Truth is, I think this is sick.
8 years ago
You are two sick motherfuckers.

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