Marine eats cum
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5 years ago
fuck very hot! i love army guys its turns me on as hell!
6 years ago
7 years ago does suck that the cum shot is completely fake.
8 years ago
Well U would Love Me On Video,I am the cum sawollowing Q,Love to get someone to tape me swallowing cum,great vid
8 years ago
Does anyone know the name of this video? Where can I get it?
9 years ago
that was SO HAWT!
9 years ago
Mmmm, how much did that guy cum. Wanna see the whole vid and watch him return the favour.
9 years ago
yumm cumm- big load of it, too- mmmm
9 years ago
I loved it , i love real cum swallowing vids, not the ones where the spunk goes everywhere but close to the mouth and this is authintic. too bad its most likely the only one Great job ;-) pardon the pun
9 years ago
Fucking Hot!
9 years ago
I think this video is somewhat good, but not hot enough for me. Nevertheless, it beats watching nothing. Live Strong
9 years ago
that hot dude

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