The Janitor
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2 years ago
I want that kids thick cock in my mouth
3 years ago
I got a real thing for guys in white briefs, I want the guy smoking
4 years ago
The guy in the beginning with the big dick is Barrett Long -- the janitor is Jett Allen -- video is Longshot: Making the Game
5 years ago
6 years ago
Mr. Janitor next time I would like to see you double dicked. Hooootttttttttttt
6 years ago
wish i could find a guy with low hangers like that to pound my ass
7 years ago
who's the guy playing the janitor? super hot.
7 years ago
very hot, I'd be a janitor for that
7 years ago
whos the guy in the beginning??
7 years ago
damn it was hot tha dude was shy with big dick and nut sack that pound u haard
7 years ago
wow now thats hot shit!
8 years ago
I have this vid..and this is my favorite. LOVE THE guy with the low hangers
8 years ago
very hott..
8 years ago
Very hott video watched it over and over. Hot guys loved the guy that came in later on.
8 years ago
whats the guys name who coms in later on in te scene
9 years ago
watched this one many times
9 years ago
I'm glad i finished cumming before hand...cuz the last minute with no sounds really sux..
9 years ago
9 years ago
ish they all was on my bed
9 years ago
Wish there was a janitor like him in my office building

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Mar 1
Sometimes being a janitor is not so bad hehehe, you'll see why in this hot vid.
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