Prison Punk
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2 years ago
That was so hot , Parker was the best porn man ever. Young Boi was hot too .n
3 years ago
that was hot n
6 years ago
there is something special here it captures something that many films dont. I wish there was more like this.
6 years ago
One of the hottest bottoms I have ever seen on porn vids.
6 years ago
I did favorite this one and just rediscovered it on my favorites list. It is hot...the bottom is one of the sweetest bottoms I have seen in porn.....very believable as an his white sweet ass and low-hanging balls. I was too hard on it the first time....but I still say...leaving the uniforms partly on is more erotic and real than getting naked on the floor. Loved it...just got off!
7 years ago
Saay what u want but the bottom can suck some serious cock
8 years ago
damn "glenn with two n's"give it a rest... i don't believe anyone but you gives a shit's a damn good sex movie,not a hollywood production...
8 years ago
wheres the next clip to this? :P
9 years ago
hot little slut bottom but the top was too easy on him. I would have fucked him for real
9 years ago
the best sense is where they laid on the floor. that was pretty hot. i rreally like that!
9 years ago
Simonsez and Lonley (spelled "lonely" normally)....I thought the comment feature was for our opinions, negative and positive...about the video, not each other. For me to enjoy a fantasy it needs to be realistic...the more real, the more erotic. That's me.....and my with it.
9 years ago
He could give it to the hairy chest..
9 years ago
glen with 2 i hate to be u it,s a porno clip not reality geees i liked it and it was just a fantacy scean gee get to realistc thean leave a real comint
9 years ago
my goodess glenn with two n's it a fuckin flick
9 years ago
Would someone suck my cock just like that?
9 years ago
now thats a hawt scene luv it
9 years ago
This was good with the potential to be great....but it needed some realism to make the fantasy work. I worked in a jail for years with an education program....and the guard would not have taken a chance of being caught in the restroom like that. Another inmate or guard could have walked in on at least they would have kept their clothes on more in case they needed to stop quickly. Good casting, however....the bottom was HOT.....and if they had been in a more private place it would have been more the guard's office or something.
9 years ago
very hot schene

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