Ranch Hands
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6 years ago
Good porn, bad music!
8 years ago
The top in this video is usually a bottom, he is incredibly HOT. Luv Wynonna, and good job splicing these clips together to make this....
8 years ago
What a waste of an incredible bottom...FUCK HIM!!!
9 years ago
I pity the slob dating Cajun BUT the song is really distracting. Celine Dion is everywhere and now she's in my porn :(
9 years ago
makes this city boy wanna join the farm right away i have to say since i moved here from los angeles to georgia i have a new apprecitation for these southern farm boys yuuuuuuuuuum save a horse ride a cowboy yeeeeehhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
9 years ago
hot yo
9 years ago
Good vid, cut the music!
9 years ago
Why the FUCK is this song being used as background music for gay porn? Even if its not the original score for the movie, whoever did it is a motherfucking idiot! Gay porn is not about love making, or falling in love...its about pure, unadulterated, hardcore sex! This song does not fucking belong.
9 years ago
Hey Fernando, Songstress should be Wynonna Judd .............
9 years ago
hot guys
9 years ago
hot guys..great song who sings it? anyone know?

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Feb 21
farm boys.
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