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Hey wanted to say hii

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6ft 135lb brn/blu 7cut

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October 31, 1517 - 2017
The 500th Anniversary of the Lutheran Protestant Reformation
Sola Fide!


I was wondering what happened to my old Gaywatch photos and friends. Are they all gone with the new platform?

And, photo uploading does not work yet.

69 views · 278 days ago

What happened to gaywatch? I miss seing everyone, especially Sage.

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58 views · 203 days ago

I really liked the old Gaywatch, I had over 1,000 friends on it, hoping this site gains the same amount of people.

45 views · 134 days ago

When i was younger i had the flexibilty to suck my own dick, wish i could still do that!!

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I'm in love with this stud - I wish we lived closer & For your question yes it is all me in the profile

20 views · 208 days ago

Looking to meat some nice guys when I'm in Vegas.



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